CESP is a children’s club, born of a different need. All our career we have used AWANA for reaching, maturing, and training future leaders for the local church. Yet, in the Amazon, the high cost of materials coupled with the difficulties of receiving supplies has brought disappointing results, since the churches usually dropped the program when the missionary left for furlough or moved to another church work. These factors prodded Kim and her mother to seek a more effective, user-friendly method for reaching children in this area.






CESP club is a children’s evangelism and discipleship program of Bible study and memorization, with an emphasis on the practical use of what is learned. It is also a tool for training youth and adults to serve more effectively in their local church. Currently, there are nine levels (manuals), using awards with materials that can be purchased and made locally.

CESP has been functioning since 2007 in SPO. It is also being used in the church in Benjamin where we last ministered. We hope in the future it may serve many of churches along the Amazon.

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