Instituto Batista de Alto Solimoes... in English it's "The Upper Amazon Bible Institute."


Traditionally, in the Amazon, believers interested in higher Bible education have moved to other areas of Brazil (and even Peru) to receive this training. As a result, the “return” to minister back in the area where they grew up has been minimal, and the churches have suffered because most of the potential leadership leaves the area. IBAS was initiated with this in mind in 1990 in the church of Benjamin Constant. It was basically a TEE (Theological Education by Extension) institute in the beginning, with some 66 TEE classes in both Portuguese and Spanish. As educational needs increased, we left the TEE format and went to more structured classes.






IBAS changed locations when the Yoders moved to São Paulo de Olivença (SPO) in 2000, growing in courses and electives. However, in SPO, we met another very large challenge - Brazilians seeking higher education and not simply a Bible Institute education. We would work for a few years training leaders, only to see them “swept” away to the bigger city for further education, and (what concerned us most) often “spiritual death.” So, we joined up with a Baptist seminary down south (equivalent of a quality Bible college in the USA) and are now able to give a bachelor’s degree in ministry.

In SPO, we began classes with over 25 students and after five years, we are down to about 8 students. We praise God for these students who are serious about acquiring more effective skills to serve the Lord. Each of these students are active in the SPO church, practically applying the biblical / ministerial knowledge they are learning in their classes. Both of the church deacons study in IBAS, along with the man who with most likely be the future pastor. Another exciting aspect of IBAS in SPO is that there are a couple Ticuna Indian students who have learned Portuguese well enough to study and who are already using this to teach in their tribes in the Ticuna language. This is probably the first time that the Ticunas in this area are receiving advanced Bible training in their own language!

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